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Living Earth Uganda believes that good progress happens when stakeholders are engaged.

Currently in our Jobs and Oil project, LEU is working to put up a platform to ensure an on-going engagement with oil sector CSR and contracting departments to establish systems which, while rigorous, would enable contracts with newly formalised enterprises. This is key to increased understanding amongst all stakeholders of the capacities and requirements of the others, new systems to increase opportunities for local MSE’s, increased income for MSE’s and, improved CSR performance for oil sector.

LEU is also providing an opportunity for engagement with oil sector on global best practice models for industry support to vocational training provision which will lead to enhanced institutional awareness and understanding of effective approaches, platform for oil industry to engage effectively in vocational training provision and enhanced service provision to stakeholders. LEU also organizes stakeholders’ roundtable meetings, town hall meetings and forums for local and national policy makers, business community, NGOs, CSOs to dialogue on opportunities that come with oil and gas industry in the region.



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