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Living Earth Uganda has been at helm of promoting enterprise development in the in the different projects they have promoted over the years.

To date LEU has established a partnership with Makerere University Business School (MUBS) Entrepreneurship Centre so as to develop and deliver a business training programme; African Urban Enterprise Development Programme (AUEDP) to 320 managers/entrepreneurs. The youth and women entrepreneurs will receive training in producing their own business plans, making cash flow projections, building business relationships, local regulations for micro and small enterprises (MSEs), health at workplace and selling your products or services. The intervention will lead to emergence of a skilled and effective business sector wherein youth and women-led enterprises derive income from delivery of service contracts to the oil industry supply chain.

This will eventually lead to strengthened capacity amount entrepreneurs in Hoima, Buliisa and Masindi to manage micro-enterprises strategically, growth in business, increased income, increased access to contract and credit, and further business expansion and, increased number of employees. 

LEU is also positioning itself to support provision of business advisory services in form of business clinics and mentorship to MSEs to intensively be engaged in delivering goods and oil sector services and related activities.



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