Capacity Building Training For Vocational College Tutors Held In Hoima

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Capacity Building Training For Vocational College Tutors Held In Hoima

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Living Earth Uganda (LEU) conducted a 5-day Training of Trainers for Teaching Skill(TOT - S) workshop for 20 instructors; and another one for Health Safety Environment(HSE) module. This training workshop was attended 20 participants (6 women and 14 men). This training workshop was held at Millennium Business School in Hoima, from 2nd to 5th March 2015.

This followed a meeting with officials from the Ministry of Education and Sports, Teacher Instructor’s Education Training (TIET) Department, and the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT), where the training modules were presented for critiquing prior to application for certification.

The modules include: Training of Trainers for Knowledge (ToT-K), Training of Trainers for Teaching Skills (ToT-S), Training of Trainers for Evaluation (ToT-E), and Training of Trainers for Visualization (ToT-V), Training of Trainers for Health and Safety (TOT-HS), as well as Training of Trainers for Workers’ Rights (TOT-WR). Designing and delivery of this training programme is aimed at building capacity of vocational training tutors.

These modules for the training of instructors have been presented for certification to the Standards Council under the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT). Training institutions have agreed to incorporate the teaching of HSE in their timetables and the teaching manual to use during instruction is to be developed.

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“I used to teach my students without using lesson plans, and scheme of work. But since I attained the training in pedagogy, that was organized by Living Earth Uganda, my teaching style has improved a lot. I now first prepare my scheme of work and lesson plan like a professional.

I am also systematically following the curriculum and teaching activity chronically, and this has given my students an opportunity to participate well in class.

Thanks to LEU for such a good training that has really helped instructors to improve on the way they pass skills and knowledge to learners, to become competitive in the current job market."

- - Mugisa John Bosco - Head of department welding, St. Simon Peter Vocational Training Institute

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