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Hoima And Buliisa Women Leaders Exchange Notes On How To Increase Their Participation In Political Decision Making

In order to increase capacity of women to hold accountable local authorities to address their needs and rights, women leaders from Hoima and Buliisa embarked on an exposure visit to Bushenyi and Kabarole, to exchange ideas on the activities of District Women Councilors Caucus of those districts, specifically on how they can increase their participation in decision making.

The two visits were conducted in partnership with Centre for Women in Governance (CEWIGO), of which a total of 40 women leaders from Hoima and Buliisa Districts participated. The women were able to share with their counterparts; on a number of activities that can strengthened their voice in decision making.  They also discussed how best they can support women to engage in business/ income generating activities.

In addition to the two exposure visits, the 40 women leaders participated in Advocacy and Civic Education Workshops that were held in Buliisa and Hoima, on 2nd and 6th March 2015 respectively. In the meetings, LEU with support from CEWIGO formed 9 women groups who were carrying out advocacy and public campaigns on issues affecting women in Hoima and Buliisa.


“The training has taught me how to work with other women in a group effectively. I have also learnt how to sustain my business profits.

The trainings have also inspired me to become even more assertive. No wonder I managed to beat men for the position of Chairperson - Reproductive Health Uganda – Bunyoro branch; and I am the only female Chairperson in all 16 branches."

- Katusabe Kubra - Chairperson, Reproductive
Health Uganda, Bunyoro

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