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Improved conditions in urban slums; public private partnership, 2010 - date

The overall objective of this action is to reduce the prevalence of poverty in the context of sustainable development and so contribute to the achievement of MDG 1 in reducing poverty by 50% by 2015. Additionally the project will contribute to target 4 of MDG 7 (ensuring environmental sustainability), namely a significant improvement in the lives of the slum dwellers by 2020.

The specific objective is to improve environmental sanitation services in 3 poor urban communities in Kampala and neighbouring Nansana Town Council, through Public Private Partnerships involving local authorities and pro-poor social enterprises. This will be achieved by improving the environmental situation while simultaneously harnessing the creative and entrepreneurial skills of the population to create income-generating opportunities through the provision of services and re-use and recycling waste. One of the activities is to equip & train communities in alternative sources of energy specifically in Charcoal Briquettes from waste and Energy saving stoves 2010-2012.


This is an intervention on climate change by reduction of cutting down trees/deforestation. This intervention imparts Hands on skills that lead to the production of charcoal briquettes as an alternative source of fuel, small scale & medium business creation, Jobs creation, Income generation, Protection of the environment, Best practices in waste management and reduction of daily costs of households on fuel.


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